Will Ferrel Is The New Santa Claus

Get a side, Jolly Old St. Nick- we have got hold of a new Santa Claus this year.

Will Ferrell made his intentions clear on the Tonight Show Wednesday that he is the new replacement for the legendary white-haired Santa Claus with a newer and more hip Santa.

“The Kris Kringle we all grew up with is old and lame,” Ferrell, 48, joked. “Dude looks like someone’s weird grandpa.”

On the other hand, the “New Santa”, is known for his short, blond, Bieber-esque  ‘’do and wears a muscle tee version of Santa’s red suit, which he pairs with festive board shorts, a camo sack of gifts and a Bluetooth headset in his ear.

santa1But there is no need to press the panic button yet: New Santa will still shower gifts on people!

As Ferrell confirmed, he throws shirts with his face displayed on them from an amazingly strong T-shirt cannon, and makes use of those fantastic drones to deliver his stuff- if you are lucky enough to be in “Drone Zone!”

It’s “the year of the drone,” he says, offering his insight on the fact that instead of slogging away on Christmas Eve, New Santa can gulp down “cool, delicious margies” in Cabo while the drones take care of all the work.

Have a sneak peak at the entire video to know about New Santa’s favorite “new” band and to see him and Jimmy Fallon work in collaboration and perform a Christmas cover of the band’s biggest hit- it’ll undoubtedly be your most marvelous holiday tune, that’s for sure.


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