Woman Claims Pokemon GO Character Sexually Assaulted Her

A woman from Moscow has told cops that she was sexually assaulted by Pokemon in her apartment.

The married woman, who hasn’t been identified, informed cops that she was assaulted by a giant Pokemon after dozing off while playing Pokemon Go.


She alleges she woke to find a virtual creature lay on top of her, sexually assaulting her and it vanished when she jumped out of bed, source reports.

In spite of the creature disappearing, the woman alleges that her Pokemon Go app could still detect the creature in her flat bedroom.

When she woke her husband to tell him what had taken place he refused to believe her and requested her to go and see a psychiatrist.

As reported by the Russian news website Bloknot the cops did not believe her either and that the young woman went to a psychic who could not assist her.

Ivan Makarov, the woman’s pal, stated that she’s accepted her husband’s advice and arranged an appointment with a psychiatrist.

The online game launched in July 2016 and has been a hit globally.

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