Woman Gets A Live Maggot Removed From Her Lip

A shocking footage showing the moment a woman gets a live maggot removed from her lip has gone viral after amassing thousand of views.

In the video, a woman is seen lying on an examination table as a doctor tries to tweeze the larvae from the inside of her mouth.


The woman does not seem to be in pain as the maggot is removed from her lip and just lies still as her medic performs the procedure.

The sickening clip has had 190,000 views since it was posted on YouTube.

And it appears viewers have been sufficiently troubled by what they have seen.

It isn’t clear where the video was filmed or how the maggot got inside the lip of the woman in the first place.

Previously this month, a clip surfaced on the internet showing the moment medics removed a worm from a woman’s eye after she was grumbling of an inflamed eyelid.

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