Woman’s Hair Gets Set On Fire In The Bathtub

One couple set the scene for an intimate bubble bath during a getaway to Cancun, Mexico, with flower petals and candles strewn around the bathtub.

However, things became slightly too hot when the woman’s tresses dangled over one of the candles and caught fire.


It took some seconds for either of them to detect the increasing blaze behind her head, and the mood suddenly fizzled once they frantically attempted to extinguish the fire.

Identified only as Shay, the woman manages an alcohol infused baked goods business based in Miami, Florida.

She was on holiday with her husband in Cancun, when they filmed themselves in a bathtub.



With the music blasting, and flower petals and wine bottles scattered around, they appeared to be relishing a steamy night in when their romantic evening took an unexpected turn.

As she leaned against the back of the bathtub, her hair hovered above a candle and caught fire, immediately making a dark cloud of smoke.

However, the husband was occupied adjusting the water temperature, and it took several minutes for either of them to detect the increasing flames.

They appeared to catch on all at once, and the husband turned and swatted away at her head shouting, ‘Oh, your hair!!!’, as she leaped out of the water.

He beckoned her to return, and she speedily dunked her head under water.


Shay escaped uninjured, though she can be seen back in the bathtub later, removing away strands of her burnt tresses out of the water.

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