World’s First Underwater Village Revealed

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut believes people can live under water as he has created a revolutionary skyscraper eco-village, in which everything is situated underwater.

‘Aequorea’ is a city made from ‘oceanscrapers’, towering glass structures, which reach down as far as a thousand meters deep and 20,000 people can be sustained by each structure.


Pitched as a way to decrease carbon footprint, the eco-friendly structures don’t need fossil fuels since they generate their own heat and energy.

Each inverted oceanscraper, created from algae rubbish and algae, features 250 floors and is less than a mile wide.

Entrance is from the top, where a jellyfish-like roof gives several docks and also green spaces.


Fresh drinking water is generated by a power plant that makes use of the in-depth pressure to separate the salt from the water.

Air is naturally renewed by convention by means of an oxygen station or chimneys.

And inside life can continue as normal, with orchards, workshops, homes, farms and offices.


They could be some quite amazing sights too, looking out into the deep ocean.

The fictional situated off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, was designed to emphasize the diminishing natural resources on land.


Introduced in the form of a letter, drafted by a fictional teen ‘aquanaut’ and dated December 24, 2065, it reads: “When my grandfather tells me regarding his terrestrial lifestyle of the time, it appears completely ridiculous today.

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