World’s Oldest Sperm Becomes A Baby

Alex Powell was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1992 at age 15. He needed chemotherapy that could get a sperm and freeze it so he would use it to have kids afterward.


Patricia stated she went with him and was worried when he was in the room for a long time; however, he finally surfaced with the container in his right hand and a baffled expression, stating that he did not know what to do next.

Maintaining the sperm viable for artificial insemination was really challenging.

However, luck was on Alex’s side, and twenty-three years later, after over one year of treatments, Guinness World Records confirmed that his sperm has turned out to be the world’s oldest sperm to ever successfully impregnate a woman.


His partner Vi just had a healthy newborn baby boy named Xavier Powell, and he is the first of many kids the couple intend to have from that single sample.

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