Young Man On Poo Marathon Before Anal Surgery

One daring man has chosen to embark on a self-described ‘poo marathon’, using as much London toilets as he possibly can before he is offered a ‘bionic butthole.

Thirty-two-year-old Paul Silver intends to enjoy the facilities at the Houses of Parliament and at Harrods, the Royal Albert Hall after already starting his punishing challenge at The Shard.


And the best part is that he is getting sponsored to get it done. Paul, who is afflicted by Crohn’s disease (a kind of inflammatory bowel illness) is carrying out his fundraising number twos prior to surgery that will sew his butthole up permanently.

Paul is currently blogging his experience and the places he has spent money at which include, somewhat surprisingly, the National Center for Circus Arts.

He is due to have a permanent ileostomy on 21st April, and the surgery will see his huge bowel taken out, his anus sewn shut and his small bowel connected to the side of his torso with a stoma connected.

Paul’s experienced years of anguish with his affliction that causes severe diarrhea or constipation and stated he is ’75 per cent positive’ regarding the operation.

Paul’s said that his ‘marathon’ was making the next three weeks before his surgery that was going to be ‘filled with uncertainty and anxiety, somewhat fun.


He was also bold enough to have some pictures taken in the disabled toilet in the Shard, which the cleaner was less than happy about.

All the money he has raised is going to charity; the Crohn’s and Colitis in Childhood charity and until now he has raised over $2,400.

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