Young Woman Possessed By Demon Dies During Exorcism

A woman passed away after her parents did an exorcism to remove the demon inside her.

Jaqueline Sanchez, 22, passed away after she suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest.


Local media as well reported allegations that her body had been lifted up the air inside the church and she had spoken in the voice of a man.

They as well suggested she had to be forcibly held down as they did the religious ceremony.

Her parents think she had been possessed by a demon after several mysterious sicknesses in the months prior to her death.

The young woman had been suffering from hysteria and seizures that medics at Plan Tres Mil hospital in Santa Cruz couldn’t diagnose.

This made her parents think she had been taken over by spirits, after news that she had played with an Ouija board.


She passed away after she failed to breathe after the apparent exorcism that happened at the Pentecostal Church of San Ignacio de Velasco.

The Special Force to Fight Crime Santa Cruz (FELCC) is probing her death.

They verified she passed away of due to natural causes and stated that bruises and cuts on her body were because of a dream.

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