Dudes Twerk With Lexy Panterra

Guess what! The tantalizing twerks are back with a bang.

Credit must be bestowed upon Miley Cyrus, whose scintillating performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs in 2013, made “twerking” an apple of everyone’s eye.

The dance moves that boasts of pushing the hips while squatting is taking the fitness enthusiasts by storm. And all because of the sensational twerking instructor ‘Lexy Panterre’.

The twerking queen from California, is pulling all eyes, thanks to her incredible You Tube channel where she makes her impressive twerking moves.

The video shows Lexy with a group of people who all are engrossed in dishing spectacular twerking moves, to say the least.

Lexy is certain the stop stopper who mesmerizes with her jaw-dropping masterpiece twerking moves.

We wish more people feel inspired from the video and get along with Lexy in their twerking acts.

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