Little Girl Superglued to McDonald’s Toilet in Cruel Prank

A young girl was left in tears after being superglued to a McDonald’s toilet seat as part of a nasty prank.

Cops are searching for two teen girls suspected of putting the glue onto the seat at the restaurant just before the 4-year-old went in.

Kaya-Langmead-a Police are as well looking at surveillance cameras after Kaya Langmead was injured in the foolish prank that took place on New Year’s Eve.

Her annoyed 24-year-old mom Nicole described the incident as “every mom’s worst nightmare”.

Nicole was with her other daughter Naula, 20 months when Kaya surfaced from the toilet in anguish.

Devon and Cornwall cops stated the girls were aged sixteen to eighteen, one with long blond tresses and the other with shoulder length brown hair.

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