Police Surround & Gun Down Black Man

Cops surrounded and gunned down a black man in a San Francisco street.

Police Chief Gregory Suhr confirmed the man, who was holding a knife, was shot to death in Bayview on Wednesday.


His description is believed to have matched that of a suspect wanted for a knife attack on somebody in a close by street.

Currently, a graphic footage that hasn’t yet been confirmed by cops has surfaced on social media that shows a man as he is surrounding by roughly eight armed cops.

Standing on the footpath with his back up against a wall, he unexpectedly seems to lean forward.


However, the man, who seems to be dazed, stands up and starts to hobble away, while the officers have the weapons raised and pointed on him.

The camera after that cuts away as a hail of bullets are heard while onlookers are heard yelling in the background.

Department of Public Health employees, who are usually sent out to help families after a vicious death, were at the scene in Bayview.

The video follows a series of high-profile law enforcement shootings that have triggered Black Lives Matter across the US.

Just 2 days prior to the San Francisco incident, Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder.

He was charged after video of him shooting 17-year-old black Laquan McDonald sixteen times on the night of 20th October 2014, was revealed by order of the judge.


Demonstrators numbering in their hundreds took to the streets within hours of the release of the video, chanting 16 shots and creating human barriers across roads in the West Side of the city. Other protestors congregated outside police stations as at least two people were taken to custody in connection to the demonstrations.

The case is sure to be by far the most controversial to reach the courts since Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, in August 2014.

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