Loch Ness Monster Found At The Bottom Of Lake

Scientists have finally found the renowned Loch Ness Monster residing at the bottom of the lake.

With the use of a robot to carry out deep-water sonar-imaging scans, a group of determined Nessie hunters discovered the legendary Scottish creature but, sadly, the 30feet ‘beastie’ is made of canvas and plywood.


The monster model was discovered 755feet at the bottom of the lake and was built in 1969 for the Billy Wilder-directed movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, starring Sir Christopher Lee, Sir Robert Stephens and Colin Blakely.

Loch Ness expert Adrian Shine stated that the measurements, shape and location pointed to the object being the long lost prop instead of, disappointingly, the legendary monster.

The model sank after the film’s director demanded that his prop team take out Nessie’s well-known humps from the model’s back. However, as soon as they were cut off the ‘beast’ sank.

The damaged prop was discovered by a robot, operated by Norwegian firm Kongsberg Maritime that is exploring the depths of Loch Ness in the most widespread survey of the area ever.

The aquatic robot called Munin has been launched with sonar imaging equipment to expose parts of the lakes bed, which have not been reached before.

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