Woman Gets Huge Cyst Popped On Live TV

This is the disgusting instant a woman who had a cyst for twenty years on her head that was the size of an egg has it popped.

The unidentified woman was a guest of an American medical television show The Doctors and permitted the medics to squeeze the cyst before a live audience.


She stated she felt unsure of herself regarding the huge, pink bump, which protruded from her hair.

The swelling, which she lovingly named Arthur, formed when she fell sick over twenty years back.

Dr Sandra Lee, who calls herself ‘Dr Pimple Popper, carried out the operation that involved using a razor-sharp instrument to slice open the cyst’s surface before squeezing out the contents.


As she performed so, she confirmed the cyst wasn’t life-threatening and stated the oozing contents were mostly skin.

The doctor is so devoted to the art of squeezing weird skin growths, which she has a complete YouTube channel devoted to it.

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  • underground72

    Gross.. I’m sure it smelled badly..

  • Miakoda Combies

    OH MY GOD THAT IS GROSS!!! 20 Years?! I’d be getting it removed right at the point that I was like “This isn’t healing”.