Woman Possessed By The Devil Was On The Loose

Motorists were left frightened when a possessed woman in white was seen wandering the streets in the dead of the night, roaring at drivers.

The frightening footage, recorded by one motorist, shows the woman walking around, leaving a few fearing she had been possessed by the devil.


The first part of the video, captured from inside a car, shows the woman wandering in the middle of the road donning an all-white attire.

As a car approaches her, she is spotted sitting down beside the bonnet, making a weird noise frightening the people inside.

The woman then walks around to the driver’s window and begins roaring.

People, a few of whom are said to represent authorities, can then be observed attempting to help her before she seems to kiss a branch protruding from a tree.

She then lays on the ground as somebody pours water on her face.

The clip was filmed in the Colinas del Rey District of the city of Culiacan in Mexico, where it has been extensively shared on social media.

People who recorded the video and some viewers on the internet have stated they think evil spirits had possessed the woman.

But cops state she may be mentally unwell or could have been under the influence of drugs.

Health ministry official Ernesto Echverria Aispuro insisted she may have been under the influence of drugs that alter the mind.

He stated: “Krokodil and bath salts are drugs that alter the mind of people.”


Bath salts are the name for street drugs, said to be mind-altering and hallucinogenic, while Krokodil, is an extremely addictive heroine option.

The woman wasn’t identified; however, people in the clip call her “Sofia”.

She is currently going through psychiatric testing.

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