24 Yr Old Model Almost Dies After Using Tampons

Lauren Wasser was on the verge of death when using tampons sent her in shock. The 24-year-old wanted to become a model and was supposed to become a WNBA player. She suffered from a toxic shock syndrome which actually threatened her life but took away just her leg. She gave an interview to the Vice stating how using tampons can be dangerous for women.


She told Vice, ‘I had to come out with my story because I needed to share what was happening and speak for all those little girls who have lost their lives. I stand not just for a disability but I stand for women and women’s rights.’

She says her horrifying story can be a wakeup call for many. She says that she was ‘just doing her usual routine’ until she started to feel very sick. She wanted to sleep so she went to her bed. Few days later she was found lying on the bedroom floor and was just saved from being dead.

She doesn’t have any memory of the early hospital days. She was all the time on life support as all her organs were failing. She was actually put on a medically induced comma to survive the disaster.

The very first memory she has of waking up was related to the disease doctor telling her mother that they have to remove her right leg in order to save her.

She feels that now that she has seen her hospital stay pictures in the worst condition, she is now ‘more beautiful then she has ever been’.

She is engaged in fighting a law suit against the tampons makers and the grocery store that sold her the same pack.

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