JFK’s Real Assassin Revealed By CIA Member On His Death Bed

President John F Kennedy’s assassination was an inside job carried out by a member of his own security team, as revealed by a shocking “deathbed confession” disclosed to movie director Oliver Stone.

The man, who was a member of JFK’s protection staff, is said to have got in touch with the film director after he had completed making his famous 1991 movie, a source reports.


The man was dying of cancer when he informed Oliver “a secret he had only shared with his son”, that John F Kennedy was killed when he was fired on by someone from his own team”.

He gave just the codename “Ron” when he contacted Oliver in a series of letters before both, in fact, met in a New York hotel, a source reports.

The Oscar-winning director has since stated he was skeptical regarding the allegation as there have been dozens of conspiracy theories regarding the death of JFK; however, now believes his story is “believable” and “extremely genuine”.

Oliver disclosed the information of the “deathbed confession” for the very first time in a conversation with Matt Zoller Seitz, who wrote a book regarding him that is due for release this month.

Oliver stated: “He stated he did not want recognition or money.

“He stated something like, ‘I want you to know this from my conscience’.”

He adds: The scenario he outlined was very realistic.

“It is the way I would perform it, if (I) was likely to do something similar to that.


“You assassinate the president, and security is your cover, and if the sniper or snipers who murder the president are concealed in with the guys, who are meant to protect him, guys who have no understanding of this plot; it make lots of sense.

“And his memory of it was so technical, full of military terminology, information regarding radio communications soon after the shots.”

Two rifle bullets killed JFK while traveling in an open limousine in November 1963, in Dallas, north Texas.

Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with killing JFK after firing from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Two days later, Oswald was shot and killed by a local nightclub owner linked to the criminal underworld.

The Oliver Stone Experience is going to be launched on 13th September and has been published by Abrams and Chronicle books.

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