Most Realistic Optical Illusion! T-REX Follows You Wherever You Go

In order to believe it’s possible, you will need to watch twice when the trick is revealed, by only some intelligent photography, which makes a T-Rex come to live.

The smart optical illusion causes a model of a T-Rex appear as if it’s moving the head to observe you round the room.


The model of the green dinosaur is created using cardboard and the video starts with the creature supported on a table.


However, the moment the camera starts moving around to the side, you will notice that its head also appears to twist round.


The same effect happens when the photographer tries it with 8 of the little dinosaur models.


Lastly, a giant model of the dinosaur is used and also appears to work out the same.


In the end, the camera zooms in and the amazing optical illusion is shown.

On YouTube, the video has acquired more than 4 million hits as a lot of people try to find out how it’s performed.

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