Teacher Destroys Student In Rap Battle

One daring teacher has turned out to be an internet celebrity after she contested in an epic rap battle with one of her students.


In the center of a lawn flanked by cheering school kids she faces off with a teenager, and while many teachers would basically have stopped it the intellectual teacher launches into an excellent rap, which has the students cheering.

Confident teen Alfie Mackay begins the battle, rapping: “Miss, you wish you could see me, you wish you could teach me, but I am like a genie, give your wishes, you better go home and clean up.”

Taking it all in her stride, the educator doubles over in amusement as she listens.

As Mackay concludes his rap the throng encourages the educator, stating, ‘You got to bring it back, Miss’,


The teacher stands thinking for a minute before starting off with: “Alfie Mackay lose all the tension, your lyrics are crap imma put you in a detention”, squaring up to him teasingly before the group of school kids erupt in applause.

Though the clip was at first uploaded back in May 2015, it’s just resurfaced and has begun doing the rounds once more.

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