Brave Boy Refuses Surgery To Keep His Smile

A young boy left with a deformed face because of a genetic condition has chosen to reject life-changing operation, as it may cost him his smile.

Brave Ethan D’Amato, 11, suffers from Neurofibromatosis type one, or NF-1, which means he was born with severe facial tumors.


The boy was offered surgery to get rid of his tumors but was informed it could damage his nerves, which means he could have lost the ability to smile and laugh.

Ethan refused the offer from the hospital and chose a life with tumors is preferable to a life without smiling.

To try and help people understand his disorder Ethan and his family made leaflets, which they hand out to those who are curious about his look.



In spite of seemingly taking the problem in his stride, Ethan gets hurt by the stares he gets from people, which can be at times really annoying.

Neurofibromatosis type one is brought about when there is a mutation of a gene on chromosome 17 resulting in tumors developing along the nervous system.

It may be genetic, but Peter and Ethan’s 53-year-old mother Siew, haven’t managed to locate any trace of it in their family.



His 20-year-old sister Naomi D’Amato launched a GoFundMe page and website to help raise awareness of the disorder.

Together with attempting to change people’s views of NF-1, Ethan is likewise learning how to play the violin and similar to many boys aged 11 loves Lego.

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