Kim Kardashian Claims That She Invented The Selfie

Kim Kardashian has at all times been a trend setter. Apparently it began long before she was a huge TV star, since the most popular Kardashian sister is currently claiming that she invented the selfie trend.

Kim Kardashian's duckface selfie

Did you take selfie before the age of social media and Instagram? Kim did, and she wants everybody to be aware of it.

In her new book, Selfish, the reality star alleges that she “got hooked” taking photos of herself while in middle school and that at the age of 4, she took her first-ever selfie.

What is fascinating regarding Kim’s new book of selfies is that it was not even her idea. It was her husband’s.


The report alleges that Kanye West was the one who suggested she print the book of selfie pictures, and Donda, his creative team, emerged with the “look.”

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