Man Kicked In The Head By Speeding Train – Most Dangerous Selfie

A crazy adventure-seeker got a kick to the head while attempting to capture the world’s most dangerous selfie, only inches from a speeding train.

Twenty-two year old Jared Frank, from Regina, Canada, shot the risky selfie on Peru’s Inca Trail; the train route that stretches from Cusco to the Lost City of the Incas found at Machu Picchu.


He was on vacation with a friend, and wanted to get a snap of himself with one of the route’s trains that are iconic blue and yellow passing in the background.

However, as the train passed, a conductor tipped out and delivered a fast kick to Frank’s side head, sending him staggering.



The viral clip, which in just two days has gained over 4.5 m views on You tube, shows Frank falling to the ground, confused from the booting he has just received.

There have been a few theories regarding the train conductor’s motivation on social website Reddit.




Many believe the train conductor was being a hero, booting Frank out of the way of a metal piece sticking out from the train’s side that would have taken Frank’s head off.

There is even the likelihood that the entire thing could be a prank, which Franks strongly denies.

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