Mother & Children Find Dead Bodies While Playing Pokémon GO

A mom and her two kids spotted dead bodies floating in the water while they were playing Pokemon Go near a beach.

Rachel McBain, 25, right away called 999 as the horror unfolded; however, cops established a 37-year-old woman and her 7-year-old son, afterward passed away after getting into trouble in the sea.


Witnesses state the child had been having fun in the water at Aberdeen beach with another youngster, thought to be his 13-year-old brother when a wave knocked them over.

It is believed their mom, who had allegedly been taking photos of them, quickly went into the water to try to save them before she tragically drowned in the North Sea, a source reported.

The coastguard was called and five people were extracted from the water, which includes a boy, aged 13, a 25-year-old woman, and a man, aged 28, who remain in the hospital for treatment.

The mother and her youngster son were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, but afterward passed away.

Alan Shand, 34, a retained firefighter, was called out to the unpleasant incident. He stated: The fire service and coastguard were already there when our unit showed up and the people were out of the water.

Police Inspector Lorna Ferguson, who was in charge of the rescue mission, stated it wasn’t a normal day for people to be having fun in the water because of the weather.


The owner of Inversnecky Café, Martin Vicca that directly overlooks the area, stated: “I spoke to a person who, in fact, helped pull one of the youngsters from the water.

Chief Inspector Stewart Mackie stated: “This is an extremely heartbreaking incident that has led to a woman and young boy regrettably losing their lives; it will, without a doubt, bring sorrow and shock to the whole city of Aberdeen and further afield.

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