The New Controversial Six Pack Surgery For Life

Facebook and Instagram are stuffed with selfies of men flaunting their toned and tensed bodies, charting their training or displaying carefully made healthy food.

However, how far would a few of these men go to obtain the perfect body?


Lee Coupland, 31, went as far as Istanbul and spent over $5,200 to obtain the perfect abs.

Lee, who runs a carpentry business, went through surgery to have stomach etching offering him a six pack for life.

He is definitely not the only British man wishing to have cosmetic surgery to have the body he desires.

Actually, the hospital Lee went to in Istanbul has seen seven British men within the last 6 months.

However, far from being the answer for sluggish obese men, you should be fit to get the procedure and men with more than 2 centimeters of body fat aren’t usually a candidate.


The surgery Lee got at the end of October was referred to as abdominal etching and costed $5,200.

He started by having the little fat he had melted down by ultrasound and tactically drained to stress his muscles.

Lee has paid thousands of dollars to offer himself a lasting six pack.

However, though it may appear like much money for somebody like Lee who is obsessive about the way his body appears the money doesn’t appear so important.

To Lee having a perfect body is a leading part of his identity.

Though the operation is performed under general anesthetic and Lee had never had a major operation before, he wasn’t frightened regarding surgery.


Following the surgery, he had to put on a corset while his body recuperated from the procedure.

Currently, seven weeks later his body is healed though he’s still waiting for the sensation in his chest to return completely.

Lee is delighted by the way he now looks.

Lee, who runs a joinery business, has felt himself dragged in different directions as he attempts to hang out with his two young children, give his all at the workplace and keep fit.

So getting the procedure for him was about decreasing the length of time he had to devote in the fitness center.

Lee currently has a 6 pack and well-toned physique a lot of people may find it unusual that he felt the need to get cosmetic surgery; however, he was confident the surgery may provide him with a better quality of life.

His obsession with the gym had a serious impact on his past relationship and caused them separating.

With his new partner Melanie, he was determined to never allow the fitness center come between them.

Convincing his partner that he was right to have the surgery took some doing; however, presently Lee has come through the other side and Melanie can just see how pleased it’s made him.


And already he has decreased his gym time from 7 weeks down to 2 or 3 weeks so he spends more time at home.

For that reason, he can devote more time with Trent, 6, and Coby-lee, 7.

For Lee, a fitness addict from a youthful age, possessing a remarkable body has been part of his personality for years.

He began playing for Leeds Rhinos when he was age 9.

Having had this operation Lee could presently have perfect abs for life provided that he keeps visiting the gym and doesn’t forget his diet.

He isn’t seeking out getting any other cosmetic surgeries presently; however, wouldn’t rule it out.

He states he would certainly suggest the abs etching; however, cautions people must only get it done for the right motives.

Lee is just one of several men showing up on a BBC Three documentary that looks at the extreme lengths some men are presently going to for the perfect shape.

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