Alien Thigh Bone Spotted On Mars

A baffling object on Mars that resembles an alien thigh bone is getting alien hunters and also conspiracy theorists trilled.

People following the Mars Rover’s progress have been keeping a keen eye out for any out of the ordinary images beamed back from its onboard MastCam.


On 14th August, sharp-eyed people at the alien conspiracy website viewed this picture of what appears like a thigh bone lying on the dusty surface of Mars.

It’s the newest in a string of sightings of fossilized bones, which fans have seen as Curiosity roams the red planet’s surface.

Planet observers say they have spotted bones similar to dinosaurs, a cat and Iguana in the past few years.

Sightings of something that looks like a toy boat and a mysterious light and have also been sighted.



Since August 6, 2012, Curiosity has been on Mars, after an 8-month voyage to reach the red planet.

In February, the Mars Rover sent back hard to believe images of Earth taken from Mars surface 34 million miles away.

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