Edward Snowden Claims Aliens Are Trying To Contact Earth

Edward Snowden has alleged that aliens are trying to contact Earth.

He was talking as he continues to stay in isolation in Russia following a major leak of info about the way government agencies monitor and make use of our personal data.


But the NSA whistleblower took time to call into scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk podcast to make some amazing allegations.

Snowden went into hiding after performing a major leak of information which was first published in the Guardian newspaper.

The former American intelligence contractor went into hiding in 2013 in Hong Kong and was after that granted asylum in Russia, where he continues to reside.

Following the leak, Snowden was also forced to abandon his girlfriend Lindsay Mills.


He faces charges of theft of government property and espionage in America.

Snowden alleges America has made an example of him, stating how he has been treated as “a caution to all others who may speak up as I have’.

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