Giant Mouse Like Creature Spotted By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Alien chasers are asking themselves whether they have spotted evidence of life on the red Planet after seeing what resembles a giant mouse dashing around Mars.

The image was pulled from pictures taken by NASA’s mobile robot Curiosity, which landed there in August 2012.


45-year-old Keen-eyed space fan Joe White, spotted a dark shape in the video that looks weirdly like a little mouse dashing across Mar’s surface.

Joe runs the YouTube channel ArtAlienTV and searches through NASA’s photos daily to find bizarre shapes.

The picture was shot from the 6ft-high right hand side mast cam on 27th October on the Curiosity Rover.


Space spotters have alleged to identify many unusual species and objects on the Red Planet since the Curiosity Rover was launched that they allege NASA refutes the existence of.

Among them are a Martian version of Stonehenge, a space crab, a floating spoon, a Buddha statue and a giant scorpion.

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