NASA Warns Massive Asteroid Is Heading Towards Earth Today

NASA has established that a gigantic mile-long asteroid is heading towards our planet and will brush past us in just a matter of hours.

Researchers have alleged that the rock, referred to as 2004 BO41, will have a ‘near Earth pass’.


However, do not stress too much. The end isn’t near , as a ‘near Earth pass’  is not really that near at all, actually, the asteroid will pass the Earth 7.3 million miles away (that is thirty times further away compared to the moon), reports a source.

It’s referred to as a near-Earth pass mainly because of how terrifyingly massive the Universe is.

NASA has as well established that a much smaller asteroid traveling at a speed of 31,000 mp is heading towards Earth.

The smaller space rock, called QL44, is 61-metres long and is anticipated to hit the Earth or narrowly miss it on17th September; however, NASA has alleged they are very ‘uncertain’ regarding its flight course.


Specialists have alleged that if this meteor was to strike a city the size of London it would have an impact as devastating as several nuclear bombs.

Asteroids are increasingly being discovered by researchers more and more daily, but alarmingly, just ten per cent of them really get spotted.

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