Photographer Takes Clearest Photo Ever of Loch Ness Monster

A whisky warehouse employee has taken a photo of what could be one of the most persuasive sightings to date of the Loch Ness Monster.

Amateur photographer Ian Bremner, was driving around the Highlands looking for red deer, but stumbled instead across the amazing sight of what seems to be Nessie swimming in the calm Loch Ness waters.


The 58-year-old father-of-four devotes most of his weekends in the area taking pictures of the amazing natural beauty.

However, it wasn’t until he returned home in Nigg, Invergordon that he saw three humps surfacing from the water that he believes might be the evasive monster.

The image shows a two-yard long silver creature swimming away from the lens with its head moving up and down and a tail flapping a yard away, getting ready to swim further on.

The likely monster was spotted popping up for air near the banks of the loch on midway between the villages of Inverfarigaig and Dores.

Ian’s photo fits in flawlessly with the extensively believed description of Nessie being a long serpent creature that stretches as far back as 1933.

The photo he captured looks like some of the clearest and most popular examples of the monster.


Experiences from 1933 tell of a 10ft long limbless creature crossing the road leaving behind a slimy undergrowth trail.

Also in 2001 two fishermen witnessed a dark 6ft long blob sticking its head out of the water and were adamant that it wasn’t a seal.

There have been five other claimed sightings of the creature this year which, such as Ian’s recent, is the highest number from 2002.

A few of Mr Bremner’s friends believe his image really shows three seals enjoying themselves in the water.

Throughout the years there have been 1,081 documented sightings of the Loch Ness Monster lurking in the water.

The creature and the vacationers who come to search for it are believed to be valued at roughly $40m to the Highland economy.

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