Crazy Country Puts A Ban On Christmas

Sources say that anybody found celebrating Christmas in Brunei faces up to 5 years behind bars, as stated by the Sultan.

The ban comes as the Muslim population in the country might be led down the wrong path should they commemorate it ‘publicly and excessively’. Local Islamic leaders have actively suggested the ban, saying celebrating Christmas does not differ from mimicking another faith.


Brunei, a former British colony, has been ruled by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah for almost fifty years, and he introduced a stern system of law system of law in line with Sharia in 2014 that includes punishments such as amputation and stoning.

And the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the country has been strictly enforcing the anti-Christmas law, going to local business to ensure they have not got any celebratory decorations up.

However, a few in the tiny oil-rich country are not that keen to quit celebrating Christmas, with some residents sending pictures to the social media campaign #MyTreedom, a movement to motivate Christians in countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia to send pictures of themselves celebrating the holiday.


Out of Brunei’s population of 420,000 roughly, 65 percent are Muslim.

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