Dog With A GoPro Strapped To It’s Head Captures Big Foot On Camera

Could a pooch have discovered the legendary creature Bigfoot in Oregon?

A clip purporting to show the evasive Sasquatch has triggered quite a stir on the internet, after Bigfoot Encounters YouTube channel shared it online.


Based on the description beside the video, a man strapped a GoPro camera to his pet dog and filmed the sighting in some woods in 2015.

The video resurfaced after being posted by Viral Nova, with most theorists emerging with their views.

The short clip shows a dog wandering through the grassy woods when a figure unexpectedly walks by.

It stands up on two legs similar to a human, but as well seems to be hairy and ape-like.

Since emerging on the internet some believers have insisted the video might without a doubt be legitimate.

But many people have called to question the genuineness, mainly because of the dog’s response, or lack thereof.

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