Ghost Alien Photobombs Woman On Plane

Olesya Podkorytov has found a mysterious ghost alien in a selfie she took aboard a passenger plane.

The businesswoman from Kurgan in south-central Russia stated initially she hadn’t noticed the unexplained figure in her photo.


It was only when she shared the picture on the internet that she was bombarded with remarks alerting her to the shadowy outline some seats behind her.

Olesya had been on a business trip and stated she wasn’t certain why she unexpectedly chose to take a photo of herself, as it wasn’t something she regularly did.

The figure, she stated, was humanoid and appeared more like a huge alien of the kind often seen in films. A ray of lights may as well be spotted going through its head.

There are no signs of eyes on the shape, just a one-piece dark green body. A few people on the internet suggested it wasn’t an alien, but a ghost.

Viktor Lunev, remarking on behalf of a Russian aero-center, stated: ‘Pilots and stewards are extremely superstitious and perhaps there’s a reason.

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