Japanese School Girl Is Driving The Internet Crazy

In case you thought these images were real, take a closer glimpse.

At first look, this girl called Saya resembles an ordinary student going to the classroom, apart from, she is not real.


Saya was, in fact, designed on a computer using the modern CGI techniques.

The extremely realistic virtual character was created by Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa, two freelance 3D graphic designers from Japan.

The Tokyo-based couple posted the unreal pictures on the internet and has since been bombarded by users who cannot believe Saya was not a real person.


They informed famed gaming site, Kotaku: “Since we have been working on this between jobs, it’s been rather difficult.

‘We are going to give it our best when making it.”

Virtual schoolgirl Saya was designed using a series of innovative 3D modeling programs, which include Maya that is used for special effects in Hollywood smash hits.


Currently, the Japanese freelance artists are aiming to bring their virtual schoolgirl to life in their own self-produced movie.

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