Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Banned From Attending The Grammy’s

Some hours after the end of the Grammy Awards, the Grammy’s announced that Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have been forever barred from attending future Grammy’s, but not barred from really winning a Grammy.


During a very dull Grammy Awards, the web liven up when Kanye seemed to pull a Kanye West and stormed the stage complaint of Beyonce not winning a hugest awards of the night; the album of the year that went to Beck for “Morning Phase.” After the show, he went to show his rage by stating that Becks must respect true artistry, and present his award to Beyonce. Kanye’s statements are very contentious, with people thinking he and Kim are very insolent.

It was the rapper’s first Grammy Award show since 2009, where he notoriously interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech. But the Grammy’s seemed to suck of Kanye’s insolent and classless ways by barring him and Kim from any future Awards that, by the way, isn’t a surprise.

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