Possessed Woman Spits Out Blood While Possessed By Demon

A woman possessed by a demon wriggles and appears to spit blood in this distressing video showing a supposed exorcism.

The limbs of the young woman are contorted at odd angles, and a red-colored liquid may be seen running down her chin and staining her t-shirt in this footage posted to YouTube under the name ‘Devil possession’.


She is attended by a number of men who put their hands on her shoulders, after that order her in Spanish to stand up. She had been sat inside a chalked or spray-painted icon, and then another prone woman, on what seems to be a beach.

Once unsteadily to her feet, a shirtless man shouts more orders and the woman seems to strike herself, before shouting unintelligibly.

The man grabs the woman’s wrist and shakes her arms up and down.

Several minutes afterward the woman straightens, and the group claps.

In 2015, a big boom in demand for exorcisms was reported which a few put down to Pope Francis’ regular references to the devil.


The Catholic Church arranged an exorcism meeting and trained more priests in the dark art.

This practice was strong in Latin America, reflecting the Pope’s Argentinean history.

And an alleged informal exorcism the Pope carried out on a Mexican parishioner just increased demand, as stated by a scholar writing for the Catholic Herald.

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