Brave Pokemon GO Player Heads Into Haunted Tunnel To Catch Em All

We would do much more to catch a rare Gengar on Pokémon Go; however, going into a creepy and apparently haunted tunnel is most likely a step too far.

Two and bold Japanese Pokémon trainers were prepared to put their immortal souls in danger though in their pursuit to be thverye  best and filmed themselves going down a dark tunnel.

pokemon Go_c

Creeping down the pitch black tunnel the both use torches to help themselves see and are evidently rattled at how dark it is underground.

Their dread shortly turns to pure delight though when they start to stumble across Pokémon, catching a Magikarp and a Weedle.

Unluckily their loud cheering evidently pissed off the ghosts in the tunnel and one of the underground explorers realizes he has broken his phone while catching Pokémon.

The brave trainer does not allow it get him down though and laughs off his friend’s worries.

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