The World’s Scariest Prank – Epic Haunted House

If you have ever had an awful experience with estate agents, you will enjoy this footage.

Since it shows the funny moment a group of property specialists were taken unawares when an amazing haunted house prank had them running for their dear lives.


All were invited to an apparently typical home in Enfield, north London, to value the home for sale.

The moment they arrived, they were welcomed by ‘property holder’ Rose.

She was in reality an actress who informed them she was being forced to put up the property for sale the after her brother passed away there.





After a short show around, Rose went to answer the phone, leaving the estate agents to have a good look at the property by themselves.

One man appeared somewhat puzzled after the cold water tap in the toilet seemed to turn itself on and off of its own accord.

However, it was in the master bedroom where the property experts actually began to sense a ‘paranormal presence’.

And the moment the room’s door slammed shut and the armchair started wheeling around the room by itself, they all made the decision they had enough and tried to flee.





Minutes afterward, the concealed camera team surfaced to clarify the entire thing was just one big prank; thankfully, they all saw the humorous side of it.

The prank was organized by Sky Living as part of their latest three-part drama The Enfield Haunting.

It’s derived from the anecdote of the 1977 Enfield Poltergeist that made newspapers headlines globally after some witnesses alleged they experienced paranormal activity in a property in the London borough.




The prank that was uploaded to YouTube on 8th April has currently amassed over 251,000 views.

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