7 Ft Wide Biggest Butt In The World – Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey, 33, has to put on trousers that are extra large and once she managed to break the toilet bowl by only sitting on it; however, she is proud to own one of the biggest butts in the world.

The mother of 2 lives with her family in Chicago and measuring 7ft in diameter, it sometimes becomes difficult for her to fit through doors.

My 7ft Butt


In spite of being the proud of her record-breaking backside, 448lb, Ms Massey acknowledges that living with that kind of size is not an easy thing. Every month she receives disability benefit of $1200 because of her limited mobility.



Currently she is proud of her distinctive figure, and also participates in risque photo shoots for fans of her physique. Others find it hard to believe they are part of her especially due to her small top frame .


Sarah added that she had no scarcity of fans, after she discovered men in an online community who appreciated women with curves.

Ms Massey went on to clarify that it started when she took photos of herself to document her weight loss, only for the photos to be posted on Facebook by her friend who is a photographer. The photos received many likes, and she did modeling photos, which went viral after being posted.



However, even as she is comfortable with her size, it has not been easy filling her wardrobe as it needs serious planning and is expensive.

She added that she preferred shopping her attires online since there are a small number of plus-size stores that sell large size clothes. She also said that she can spend up to $650 each month on her wardrobe.


Her ample backside also gives her a hard time as she finds it difficult to perform basic tasks like, going through doorways. She has even broken chairs and once in a theater, she broke a toilet bowl.



But currently she is going through exercise sessions to help her reduce weight. She adds that the large backside runs in her family, and hopes to inspire women of her size to be proud of their curves and big physique.

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  • astonished in Texas

    $1,200 a month for being fat! Damn! I’m really disabled and am having trouble collecting disability! That’s our America!

    • SteveD

      OASCI (Social Security disability) claims are determined by the federal laws enacted by our Congress. The rules are the same everywhere. These are only political decisions, not financial ones. (See my above post.)

  • cluv513

    This is fucking disgusting and tax payers pay for this BS..And.you know her.man has.no job. Look at him

    • SteveD

      Federal taxes do not pay for federal spending. Federal (not state or local) taxes just smooth demand and force you to use the dollar.(Dollars are the only ACCEPTABLE means to extinguish your federal tax liability.) The US is Monetarily Sovereign. Monetary Sovereignty means that the spending the government does actually CREATES dollars (out of nothing-see Article One, Section 8, US Constitution, if you don’t believe me), by sending INSTRUCTIONS to credit (mark up) bank accounts. That’s it. Those ‘dollars’ don’t have to come from anywhere-not through taxes or from borrowing. The federal government does not borrow to raise funds, borrowing simply allows the Federal Reserve Bank to set (overnight) interest rates. Example of why taxes DO NOT pay for federal spending: SNAP food stamp use has nearly doubled from 29 million recipients in 2001 to nearly 47 million in 2012. Yet federal taxes have decreased for over 98% of all Americans in that time frame. So tell me, how is this possible? It’s possible because the federal government sends INSTRUCTIONS to your bank to ADD dollars to your account! I could say your attitude is fucking disgusting, but it’s not worth my time.