Cops Tazer A Shopper In Black Friday Shopping Chaos

As shoppers from the U.K. and U.S. let the dirt settle after another hectic year of Black Friday sales shopping, shoppers are beginning to get caught up on just what took place within store walls as the public fought to get hands on the best deals of the year.

While the year’s largest retail shopping day is a fun tradition for a few, for others it is a risky example of just how bad people can be; from punching and pushing to trampling and shoving. Black Friday shoppers were prepared to do almost anything to get the most recent clothes and electronics for the cheapest price.


In one incident caught on tape, a man is seen being wrestled to the floor by shop workers and cops at a Walmart in America.

The man then provoked cops, telling them: “Tease me, Tease me!”

He was then tased.

The man screams in agony as he collapses to the ground and finally settles down.

The incident marks just the start of Black Friday’s run in with the law.

It is not clear what started the confrontation with cops in a Walmart. But it is very clear that it ends with the man being tasered in front of bystanders.

The event has sparked massive crowds and vicious behavior to seize the best of the pre-Christmas good deals.

In spite of some websites also being down, shoppers are anticipated to spend millions of dollars in the Black Friday sales.

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