Texting & Walking May Become Illegal In This State

A New Jersey legislator introduced a bill, which would punish walking while texting with a fine or even prison time.

Sources say, the law proposed by Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt previously this month targets people who text and walk or use any electronic communication gadget, which is not hands-free while crossing a public road.


Punishments for such conduct may include a $50 fine, fifteen days behind bars or both.

Half of the money from fines could go toward educational efforts urging people not to text and walk.

Pamela, a Democrat said the legislation is very important in discouraging any kind of “risky behavior” committed by pedestrians and drivers.

As a staff member of the University of Pennsylvania, Pamela knew a student at the school who was fatally hit by a bus supposedly since he was browsing his handset.

Pedestrian deaths generally, however, gradually increased over the last couple of years.

Such deaths accounted for fifteen percent of fatalities in 2014, in comparison to eleven percent in 2005, and accidents brought on by “distracted walking” increased by thirty-five percent since 2010.

Pamela as well cited a report from the National Safety Council that said an estimated 11,101 injuries from 2000 to 2011 may be caused by distracted walking.

Most of these injuries were a result of talking on the handset; however, research carried out at the University of Alabama at Birmingham discovered those who text while crossing the street were two times as likely to get hit by cars compared to people talking on their handsets.

A Florida woman was hit by a train as she was browsing her phone while walking, the same conduct that led to a Staten Island teenager plummeting down a manhole.

A number of states like New York, Nevada and Illinois, unsuccessfully proposed bills, which would penalize distracted walking.

Lawmakers in Hawaii are presently debating whether to pass a bill, which would threaten a $250 fine for anybody who crosses the street while using an electronic gadget.

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